A vital part of our everyday ranching operation and we are proud to say that we were recognized by AQHA this year as a Ranching Heritage Breeder.

AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders embody the longevity, integrity and honesty of the ranching tradition. AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders are those that breed and raise the ranch-type horse, which remains at the core of the American Quarter Horse Association and epitomizes the breed’s versatility.

To be recognized as a “Ranching Heritage Breeder,” breeders should meet the following criteria:

The ranch must be a member of the American Quarter Horse Association.
Ranch remudas must consist of registered American Quarter Horses.
The ranch must own a minimum of five AQHA-registered mares used to produce ranch horses.
The ranch must maintain a remuda for the specific purpose of operating a working cattle ranch.
The ranch must have received, at minimum, an AQHA 10-year Breeder award.
The ranch must apply to and be approved by the AQHA Ranching Council