Forage Finished™...

a vision that we have been working toward for quite some time. 

A Cut Above
Better than grass fed and never grain finished


Rimrock utilizes a variety of high quality forages from birth to harvest.  Cattle are managed to maximize native forage nutritive values in terms of calving season.  We practice stewardship by matching the greatest nutrient demands in our cattle to occur when the indigenous forage supply peaks to reduce the need for any additional inputs. 

 Upon weaning, the calves are placed on forages such as legumes or cool season perennials and annuals that are naturally high in nutritive value.  Using carefully formulated medleys of seed, the goal is to have a staggered forage pattern in which the cattle are constantly exposed to new tender growth of forage before exhausting the supply of another within one stand of forage.  Additionally, the incorporation of legumes and conservative stocking rates helps to eliminate need for chemical fertilizers and non natural herbicides/pesticides; these are some of the ways we attempt to contribute to our stewardship goals.  We would rather use methods such as aeration, rotational grazing, and strategic placement of mineral supplementation to maximize productivity and utilization of pasture instead of having to rely on chemical inputs.

 Cattle are continually grown on forage inputs until harvest.  Upon achieving mature age and size, Rimrock places cattle in large paddocks or small pastures, whereas the conventional method would include placing cattle in confinement feeding or a feedlot. In this finishing set up, Rimrock cattle are allowed 20-30 times the size of pen they would typically receive in a conventional feedlot.