This is Artisan Beef

Texture ~ Personality ~ Impression

Name of Farm: Rimrock Cattle

Breed: Angus Cross

Growing Region: Arid West Texas & Northwest Arkansas. We expanded our growing regions to Northwest Arkansas in response to epic drought conditions in order that our cattle would still have pasture on which to graze thus still forage finished. English type cattle thrive in this environment. We keep a touch of Beefmaster in our cattle to combat hot summers and insects.

Drug Free: We absolutely NEVER use growth promotants or implants, no antibiotics, or added hormones.

Vegetable Diet: All forage and leafy materials at least 120 days prior to harvest. We do supplement cattle in severe drought conditions and supplements include cottonseed, soy, and other non cereal grain products. We strive for high quality forages and legumes such as alfalfa, clovers, vetch, as well as sudan, other grazing annuals.

Low Stress Handling: Certified Humane and have been doing it since before it became popular. We are so glad that low stress handling has grown in popularity because not only is it the right thing to do but the economic incentives are there as well. Kyle Clement has travelled across the US putting on low stress handling seminars including featured presenter at the New Holland Ranch Stewardship Live Presentations, Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Field Days, National Beef Cattlemen's Associaiton (NCBA) National Convention, and the Texas A&M Beef Cattle Shortcourse.

Aging: Dry aged minimum of 14 days.

Packaging: Packaged in vacuum packages to ensure freshness.